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Craft Your Legacy With Data Driven Clarity

Kickstart your role as CFO by transforming financial reporting within 90 days deploying LevelUp’s turnkey suite of solutions

The Challenge

Finance Teams Struggle to Deliver Insights That Impact The Business
Typical reporting and forecasting analytics do not drive insights into the true drivers of valuation
Finance functions typically lack insight and influence on the 3 key valuation drivers of any business:


Gross Margins / Unit Economics

EBITDA / Cash Flow Margins

Our Solution: New CFO

LevelUp Finance builds analytics and reporting that focus on the 3 valuation drivers supported by a CFO Data Environment to drive repeatable data-based decision making
New CFO features include:
Connected Data Reporting
Connect reporting to data sources to streamline and automate workflows
On-Demand Tracking
Automate forecasting for simple, monthly update processes
Turnkey analytics
Built-in analytics that drive performance narratives


These benefits make GPM a unique and valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their operations and make data-driven decisions

Work Within Your Existing Infrastructure

Delivering tailored, persistent and actionable reporting environments for our clients

Partner with IT

Partnering with your IT to gain access to systems and do the work ourselves

Deliver Sustainable Reporting Environment

Providing a solutions that becomes an asset for you and your team
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