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Release trapped Working Capital

Unlock your cash flow potential with real-time reporting on aging receivables and automated analytics around collections performance.

The Challenge

Manual, time-intensive efforts to identify, contact and collect dated receivables

Management lacks visibility into receivables trends

Leaves the enterprise at risk of cash flow crises

Our Solution: Collections Acceleration (CA)

LevelUp’s Collections Acceleration (CA) is a real-time reporting platform that provides management
the ability to get in front of impending collections nightmares

CA’s features include:
Performance analytics
Automated analytics and real-time reporting on collections performance
Receivables insights
Management insights into aging receivables
Planning ahead
Ability to get ahead of impending collections issues
Lowering expenses

For companies factoring receivables, reduces chargebacks and
interest expenses


With CA as the central nervous system of the invoice-to-cash collection process, companies that factor receivables reduce chargebacks and interest expense while freeing up time and resources for collections teams.
Plus, the cost-efficient technology requires minimal effort to maintain once implemented.


Automated reporting empowers the collections team to focus on actual cash collections and accelerating cash flows


Better cash flow management and near-term cash flow clarity for finance function


Greater visibility Into receivables and collections trends to prioritize collections initiatives

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