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R3 provides a solution for software companies who rapidly outgrow their ARR/MRR reporting infrastructure

The challenge

Rapid expansion outpaces existing ARR/MRR reporting processes

Lack of accurate data impedes the ability to make informed operational decisions

Growth initiatives, like new products and acquisitions, exacerbate the problem

Our Solution: Recurring Revenue Refactoring (R3)

R3 provides a holistic approach to recurring revenue reporting, from data entry of
contract data through invoicing and revenue recognition.
R3 features include:
Data Cube
Normalization and cleansing of historical data to create an auditable recurring revenue “data cube”
ARR/MRR Waterfalls

Analysis of changes in recurring revenue to understand drivers of net and gross retention – and opportunities to drive these metrics higher

Automated Reporting & Analytics

Identification of segments, products, and channels producing recurring revenue with minimal churn and significant expansion


With R3, subscription-based companies can improve operational decisions, gain clarity into
recurring revenue streams, and raise additional capital. Schedule a demo
today to learn more about how R3 can help your business thrive.

Automated, responsive analytics to drive root-cause analysis without manual, one-off analytics

Analyze gross and net retention by segment to prioritize investments

Free up internal IT and finance resources from the complex financial and technical problems with ARR/MRR reporting

Drive fast, competitive capital raise and M&A exit processes

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